We are rock capable with four (4) HDD machines in our fleet. We can also do trenching, vacuum excavation, asbestos, cable hauling, concrete cutting, pit and pipe and traffic control.

Directional Drilling

HDD techniques provide the answer when roads, railways, rivers, existing services are an obstacle or when minimal ground destruction is vital.

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Vacuum Excavation - Non Destructive Digging

Our Vacuum Truck specialises in utility locating, Non-Destructive Digging, Auger Holes, Pit/Pipe Cleaning Avoid unnecessary risks and delays on your project.

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Pit and Pipe Installation

Looking for a complete turn key solution for your project? We can undertake the complete pit and pipe installation including supply, installation, HDD, trenching and service locating.

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We offer trenching services that are designed to compliment our core strength - drilling.

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Have you identified asbestos within your home or project? Do not risk exposing yourself all the personnel within the area by removing it yourself or by engaging untrained or unlicensed contractors.

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“By engaging contractors like Southern Infrastructure & Hire, it ensures we deliver projects to the highest standard. Please find the below comments from our manager in regards to a recent meeting with NBN: NBN is extremely happy with QC Comms performance. Comments from NBN Deployment Manager Lindy Chan in todays meeting was that our performance was nothing short of unbelievable & QC Comms delivered 58% of the National NBN targets. Keeping in mind we only completed work in NSW which makes the achievement even more remarkable.”


NSW - East Coast

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