About Us

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About The Team

Southern Infrastructure & Hire Pty Ltd is a company built on over 30 years of hands on experience within the trenchless pipe installation industry. What started as a small family business operating the one HDD drill rig, has now grown to a diverse range of services, multiple HDD machines accompanied with a fleet of machinery consisting of prime movers, vacuum excavations, excavators and with over fifteen experienced and valued employees. Although the company has evolved over the years, our grass route values remain unchanged, Honest, Reliable, Capable and Committed to Customer Satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Within our team, we have extensive knowledge and experience in a range of fields that we leverage from including electrical, water/waste, NBN/telecommunication, Oil & Gas. The firsthand knowledge in these field allows us to not only know what we are doing, but why. This approach ensures avoidable and costly mistakes are evaded from the design phase right through into the delivery phase of the project.


“By engaging contractors like Southern Infrastructure & Hire, it ensures we deliver projects to the highest standard. Please find the below comments from our manager in regards to a recent meeting with NBN: NBN is extremely happy with QC Comms performance. Comments from NBN Deployment Manager Lindy Chan in todays meeting was that our performance was nothing short of unbelievable & QC Comms delivered 58% of the National NBN targets. Keeping in mind we only completed work in NSW which makes the achievement even more remarkable.”


NSW - East Coast